akaiito is a small cafe restaurant in Nara prefecture

The owner-chef prepares dishes and sweets that are gentle on the body and beautiful to look at.

A nice miracle happens in a small cafe restaurant. It’s a small cafe where you can meet and get married, have a baby, and have a lot of happiness.

The place is the border between Nara and Osaka prefectures. Although it is located in a very rural area and far from the station, many customers come all the way from afar, and many come to the akaiitomaison for a long time.

We have vintage chairs from Lloyd Loom, England. It is a very fashionable and comfortable chair. It feels a little European.

An important place in life, a very important store like the movie “New Cinema Paradise”, a cafe with such a world view.

Memories of love that burns your heart, lovers who want to chase after throwing everything away, and time to travel to paradise.

When traveling in Nara, please visit akaiitomaison.

A lot of happiness for you.

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